BioTex - Textile auxiliaries

Products for every process and Products for making textile auxiliaries better.

BioTex was established in 2002 in Malaysia to manufacture innovative specialty chemicals, using a French technology and to service the textile processing mills as well as textile auxiliaries formulators and distributors.

BioTex manufacturing facilities are strategically located at an industrial hub in Selangor, Malaysia and boast of a modern, state-of-the-art equipement that cater to meet every standard the global chemical industry requires

BioTex manufacture a wide range of wold-class specialty chemicals for pre-treatment to finishing out of which the highlights are several efficient, environmental friendly surfactants, DMDHEU and formaldehyde free resins, silicone polymers and emulsions, fluorocarbons emulsions ( C6 and C8 chemistry ), blocked iso-cyanates.

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